The August monthly workshop for Committee For Racial Justice (CRJ) on Sunday, Aug. 7 will be held on zoom and will have the theme: Confronting Conspiracy Theories and Organized Bigotry at Home and in our Communities. CRJ is concerned about the increase in racial hatred and the level of violence escalating around the indoctrination and recruitment of young people into a white nationalist mindset. They would like to share some ideas about how to talk with people about the very real dangers to wellbeing and democracy as they know it in the US because of the messaging from the radical right that they say isn’t often effectively countered in the culture today and they will explore how all of this comes out of racism and fear.

The resource person for this discussion is Professor Shelly Tochluk from Mount St. Mary’s, who is the author of Witnessing Whiteness and Living in the Tension. She spent ten years as a researcher, counselor, and teacher in California public schools and now trains teachers to work with LA’s diverse school population. Shelly also works with AWARE-LA (Alliance of White Anti Racists Everywhere) and has co-created a workshop series that leads white people into a deeper understanding of their personal relationship to race, white privilege, and systemic racism.

Although the expansion of white nationalist sentiment and conspiracy theories on the political far-right is well-documented, many dedicated to cultivating an inclusive democracy continue to view white nationalists as fringe players, dismissing their ability to make a real impact.  

Come and join in this most timely discussion. 

August 7 from 6:30 – 8 p.m. Zoom meeting open to all. Registration is a two step process, so register below to receive the workshop link.

Register in advance for this meeting:

For more information, call Joanne at 310-422-5431.

Submitted by Joanne Berlin