During the Boys & Girls Club of America (BGCA) National Keystone Conference on July 24 in Anaheim, California, X-Bots Robotics Inc. trained 100 Club youth leaders, including teens from the Boys & Girls Club of Malibu, on its X-Bots Robotics Mobility Program presented by PPG to impact toddlers with mobility challenges.

The X-Bots Robotics Mobility Program is a STEM program that partners with Boys & Girls Club youth to build specially designed physical therapy cars for toddlers with cerebral disorders affecting their body mobility. Together, X-Bots Robotics, the PPG Foundation and Boys & Girls Club are providing an opportunity for hands-on STEM learning by facilitating youth participants to put their skills to work to serve families with toddlers who have mobility challenges.

“Through the generous support of the PPG Foundation, we’re launching a nationwide expansion of the X-Bots Robotics Mobility Program across Boys & Girls Club sites to bring STEM programming to youth who can explore these disciplines,” said Elisa Avila, Executive Director of X-Bots Robotics Inc. “We’re glad that together with Boys & Girls Club, we can offer this hands-on technical engineering programming that not only develops students’ leadership skills and inspires them to pursue a career in STEM, but also serves their communities.”

The training prepares the youth leaders to become peer mentors. They apply practical solutions, peer-to-peer learning, skills sharing and immersive lessons in engineering, all while bringing joy to children and their parents.

The X-Bots Robotics Mobility Program has focused on applying GoBabyGo!, an open-source movement focused on real-time, real-world solutions for mobility, to provide STEM educational and leadership opportunities for middle school and high school students. The program is a unique combination of peer-to-peer learning paired with a half-day hands-on workshop that draws in the families and toddlers who benefit from the finished product.

Submitted by Gemma Stewart