Santa Monica’s representatives in state-level offices would like to see one of their own in the role of Third District Supervisor. 

Both State Senator Ben Allen and Assemblymember Richard Bloom have thrown their weight behind California Senate Majority Leader Emeritus Bob Hertzberg in his campaign for LA County Supervisor, in contrast with the endorsements of Santa Monica’s local elected leaders, who favor his competitor, former West Hollywood Mayor Lindsey Horvath. Allen, Bloom, Hertzberg and Horvath are all Democrats.

Horvath has gathered the support of numerous Santa Monica leaders including councilmembers Christine Parra, Oscar de la Torre, Phil Brock, Gleam Davis and Kristin McCowan (plus former mayors Judy Abdo, Pam O’Connor, Ted Winterer and Kevin McKeown).

During their endorsement debate in April, some members of the Democratic Club opined that Horvath’s executive experience as mayor more closely aligns with the role of LA County Supervisor than would a candidate with legislative experience like Hertzberg. Still, in the end, the Club endorsed another candidate, State Senator Henry Stern.

In that primary election, both Santa Monica and Venice voters chose Horvath as their top overall Third District candidate, followed by Stern, and then Hertzberg. (Stern, who came in third overall, was knocked out of the race.)

“Bob Hertzberg is the best choice for LA County Supervisor. His experience is deep, wide-ranging and unparalleled,” Bloom said in a written statement provided by Hertzberg’s office on Monday morning, July 12. “Most importantly, Bob thinks creatively and innovatively when it comes to developing polices to solve problems. The Board of Supervisors will benefit from his ability to build coalitions among different people and groups, generate consensus, and get things done. I am fully confident that Bob will be a strong advocate for people across the 3rd District. For these reasons and many more, I am proud to endorse Bob Hertzberg for LA County Supervisor.”

Allen represents Santa Monica and other westside communities from West Hollywood to Rancho Palos Verdes in Senate District 26, while Bloom represents Santa Monica and the Santa Monica Mountains region from Malibu to West Hollywood in Assembly District 50 (prior to the district being redrawn as AD-51). Both Allen and Bloom have announced their support of Hertzberg in the weeks since the primary election results emerged, after it became clear the race would come down to Horvath and Hertzberg. 

*Editor’s note: This story was corrected to state the Santa Monica Democratic Club endorsed State Senator Henry Stern ahead of the April primary election. The club will be selecting endorsements for the midterm election later this year.