Emergency officials are planning an active shooter drill on Friday, June 24 starting at about 7 a.m. at John Adams Middle School (JAMS). 

According to a notice submitted by SMPD and SMFD, the school located at 2425 16th St. will be closed during the event and 16th St will be closed in both directions from Ocean Park Blvd. to Pearl St., during the training. 

Officials said accommodations will be provided for residents who live in the training area and who are parked on 16th Street.

“Neighbors may hear the sound of gunfire and communications from law enforcement and drill participants during these drills,” said Superintendent Ben Drati in a statement. “We want to ensure the community is safe during these drills that prepare our law enforcement for all threats to our schools, staff and students, including for active shooters. No live weapons or ammunition will be used in this drill.”

The exercise will also include smoke.

Firefighters and police officers will be on-site starting at about 7 a.m. and the exercise will being at 8:30 a.m.

“Training on real properties such as this are critical for police and firefighters,” said a notification given to neighbors in the immediate area. “One of the best learning environments is actual hands-on experience dealing with live simulated scenarios. Drills such as this allow your firefighters and police officers to learn the limits of their equipment and tactics in an educational, non-emergency environment. This type of training is what allows police officers and firefighters to hone their skills and sharpen our teamwork in preparation for real emergencies where seconds count and there is little room for error.”

Drati said SMMUSD evaluates safety and security measures throughout the year and currently has the following deterrents, measures and practices in place at schools: 

Secure fencing around all schools.

Monitored ingress and egress during school hours.

Controlled access through front entry gates with campus security at secondary schools.

Support of SMPD patrolling our community.

Video Cameras at our schools.

Safety plan at each school for emergencies, including lockdown and shelter in place plans.

Regular school drills for various threats, including violence, earthquake and fire.

Intrusion alarm systems and bell / clock / public address systems updates.

Visitor management system, Raptor, to check campus visitors.

Visits and discussions on best practices with local authorities.

Emergency bins on all campuses.

Threat assessment protocols at school sites.

Mental health programming and awareness.

WeTip hotline for reporting suspicious activity or concerns (urgent need call 911).

Calling 911 in case of emergency.