Re: Olympic principal resigns. 

My Daughter sent this to me and I am moved to comment.

Rachel Is the second generation of our family to attend the SMMUSD my grandchildren are the third now.

I dropped out in 1967. I enlisted in the Marines in February 1968 as the Tet offensive raged. I was in and out of Vietnam by 1970 and I was a 19-year-old sergeant, I came home at 20.

The concept of Olympic Continuation was new then. I cannot remember being afforded the opportunity to attend. What I do remember was the stigma placed on students who did attend Olympic.

There were days and nights in Vietnam when I would have much rather have been counseled by professional individuals dedicated to students education than the education I got the hard way during the most divisive era that included the Long Hot Summer of 1968 when 123 US cities burned simultaneously during the civil unrest of the time that it was.

Upon my separation from the Marines I came home to start over and I did. Along my way I have met, worked for and with some of the most recognizable individuals in the world including Governor Jerry Brown, and a guy named Joe Biden. 

I once wrote a white paper on veterans issues based on my experiences and observations from the WLAVA and Venice Beach to those I experienced as the Co Event Manager of The Vietnam Women’s Memorial Tour of 29 cities in 27 days dedicated on the Mall in the nations Capitol where I traced the names of several young men I once knew who were killed in action or listed as missing. And I have had an influence on veterans’ issues albeit a small but important influence that changed the way things were.

What I can attest to in response to the Principal’s resignation letter is that no one, no one, should ever doubt the potential of our youth especially the ones who don’t quite fit in. The ones who march to a different drum to the ones who take up the front line positions beyond the edges of freedoms shining. They have the same potential to eclipse your expectations as any other young person’s unlimited future if given the chance. To shortchange them or write them off during critical moments of their formative years is done at society’s peril, they just might surprise you someday with what they have been a part of?

I’m sorry this principal has hit the wall and I desperately hope that the District and the city is reading, listening, paying attention and is ready willing and able to make a difference.

Stewart Resmer, Santa Monica