Dear Editor,

When the pandemic began in March 2020, WISE & Healthy Aging closed for in-person services and the city closed the parking structure below the Ken Edwards Center (KEC) to prevent homeless people from squatting on the grounds. That was understandable.

But today, more than two years since the closure and almost a year since WISE reopened its onsite services, the KEC parking lot remains closed to WISE members and visitors. Only WISE staff members who use key cards can access the parking. Members, volunteers and other visitors are directed to park in structure 5, which, by the way, has chronic elevator issues.

Apparently, the KEC pay station is inoperable. But how long should it take to fix? A month or two might be reasonable, but a year is ridiculous!    

Although some seniors can park and walk from structure 5, many rely on walkers, wheelchairs or scooters for mobility and therefore cannot use the structure as an alternative.

Sadly, no one at the city or on the City Council seems to care. I’ve made calls and sent correspondence to both but, to date, have only received an automated reply, acknowledging receipt. No follow-up communication indicating when the problem will be resolved.

C’mon, city officials. You can and must do better for our community’s seniors. It’s time to start doing the job you’re well paid to do. 

Show us a small token of your appreciation for seniors by fixing the pay station now! 

Jennie Braun, Sunset Park