Just to say, I’m disgusted at this violence in Santa Monica. A few years ago, putting gas in my car at Robertson Bl. / Airdrome St WLA at 10 a.m. on a quiet Saturday morning,  I had noticed a homeless(?) man sitting on a decorative wall just east of Robertson Bl. Moments later 3 male teens(?) descended on the man. One from behind dumped a bag of flour over his head, a second one poured water all over him,  and the third one videoed the incident.

They roughed up the guy laughing and took off in a car.

Shaking from seeing an attack, I drove home and called the police, then went back to the scene. Two young policemen arrived and were looking at the victim.    

One policeman took me aside to inform me that the man was most likely homeless and living on the street,   and shook off the incident inferring it was not important.

Immediately told him that being homeless, didn’t mean he can be attacked.

I wrote a letter to the WLA police station describing the attackers, and the car license number. I didn’t hear anything else. I got the overall impression that a homeless, possibly hungover person, is not worth anyone’s attention, and that being attacked is his own fault for being in that predicament.

Maybe that is a male point of view in life.

I feel the same about this SM story’s victim and the teens.

I feel any attack on a human should be a felony, not a misdemeanor.

These young vicious people, or any attacker should be heavily fined, and spend a sixth full months in prison and be on record for life.

On a similar note: the attacker of a comedian, on stage at the Hollywood Bowl last week, should be given a similar sentence.

Physical attacks on humans should not be misdemeanors. They should be felonies with a weapon at the scene, or with no weapon found. Not merely dismissed as a simple misdemeanor like shop lifting a small item.

Patricia Mace, Los Angeles