I have lived on the corner of Broadway and 26th St. for 13 years.  We as a neighborhood and lucky enough to have the Colorado Center park across the street.  Most importantly I AM a dog lover and that’s why I’m writing this.  

Over the last two years many people have adopted pets, myself included.  Not my first.  What many of us deal with as rescue owners are with  dogs that have some sort of social anxiety .

Now the park has become a self proclaimed dog park, off leash and out of control.  These people don’t play by the rules and if you question them, you are told to go elsewhere,  We live here and pay taxes here and many of my  neighbors can’t bring their mid size dogs on leash to the park, for fear of aggressive dogs and owners.  The rules are not being enforced.  It brings down the park, the neighborhood and the property values,

Who wants to deal with this when just trying to bring your dog to the park?  I’m a dog lover.  There are dog parks.  Play by the rules so my  dog doesn’t have to be punished for your  irresponsibility.  There are posted signs.  This is not about someone telling you to wear a mask…It’s whats about the best for our dogs.

If you want to be off leash, look it up theres a lot of places.  Grow up.

Mike Bongarzone, Santa Monica