Disown Charles Andrews

Racist, elitist, anti-working class, anti-low income senior, anti-renter — that’s exactly the type of city your Daily Press columnist Charles Andrews says he wants Santa Monica to be. 

More like Manhattan Beach and Beverly Hills — his April 20 column, that’s how Charles Andrews says Santa Monica should be. 

More like Manhattan Beach, whose city council still refuses to properly admit its responsibility for chasing black-owned businesses out of town. 

More like Beverly Hills, whose police department repeatedly prevents black customers from shopping in its business district. 

More like those cities with almost no Blacks or Latinos, with virtually no working class or low-income senior populations, with very few renters. 

As a Santa Monica apartment renter since 1959 and as a retired working-class, low-income senior, I’m thankful that Santa Monica is not like Manhattan Beach or Beverly Hills, that Santa Monica has an enlightened city government and school board that support equity, fairness and opportunities for diverse populations. 

By his praise for Beverly Hills and Manhattan Beach, Charles Andrews makes clear he doesn’t want people like me living in his city. Apparently, he’s living in the wrong city. He should move. 

Santa Monica Daily Press readers, its publisher and editors should disown Charles Andrews’ racist and elitist prejudices in the strongest possible terms once and for all. 

Rufus Baker, Santa Monica

Thank you Charles Andrews

Thank you s​o much for publishing Mr. Charles Andrews article on April 20, it’s the perfect picture of the despicable situation we are all living in SM. He also gives solutions and examples, we all knew about, but none has ever really mention as a path for SM to follow. 

Beverly Hills and Manhattan Beach as examples for our city council to follow! 

Let’s hope SM will get rid of the old harmful people who run our city this badly, and finally give back to SM its beauty and the quality of life we all want! 

So thank you for publishing we need many more articles like this.

Cristina Young , Santa Monica