Evan Meyer welcomes Chief of Police, Ramon Batista on this edition of Meyerside Chats. Interested in any of the civic topics below? Please tune in to Meyerside Chats on the Santa Monica Daily Press.

Ramon Batista is the current Chief of Police for the City of Santa Monica. “Putting values into action” is one of his fundamental approaches to law enforcement leadership. The strategy for doing so was successfully administered during his time as the Chief of Police in Mesa, AZ, and documented in his thoughtful and informative book, “Do No Harm.”

Meyerside Chats seeks to eliminate the “us and them” narrative and toxic polarization by praising those who lead by example, virtuous community leadership, and authentic conversation.  The intent is to showcase the humanity in those that take on the often thankless jobs of public service through civil discourse, and honoring differing points of view.

Recorded by santamonicamusic.com


– Background on the journey of Ramon’s path toward becoming police Chief.

– Importance of connecting with our youth | 2:30

– Impact of President Obama’s Strategies of 21st Century Policing 

– Origins of his book, “Do No Harm,” & how it was implemented in Mesa, AZ

– Importance of small interactions with officers. Just say “hi!” | 8:30

– How to approach officers when you get pulled over | 12:45

– The truth about ticket quotas  |  16:00

– A holistic approach to officer wellness/stress management  |  17:00

– Managing resistance in an organizational culture shift | 27:00

– Community trust-building with law enforcement is critical & ongoing | 31:30

– Ramon’s book “Do No Harm,” as a visionary guide | 36:00

– Guardian vs Warrior mindset & when to use each | 37:30

– Unmanned Aerial Systems (Drones) – The capabilities & opportunities in Santa Monica | 39:45

– Management of dispatching, how it operates, & the new “Live 911” system | 51:30

– Status on the shift to increased neighborhood patrol | 57:30

– Mindset of continuous improvement & building the leadership for our future | 1:06:00