The Brisk Festival is an international theater Festival that features short plays up to 10 min long. What makes live theater so special is the human interaction, both between the players on stage and between actors and audience. The Brisk Festival multiply that raw and creative energy, with different ensembles, directors and writers exchanging ideas, learning from each other and training inspiration. The short stories allow audiences to experience in a very limited amount of time a wide range of emotions and feelings, making them think and talk about different subjects and situations brought by nearly 200 talented participants.

The festival was founded in 2018 in Los Angeles, by the Spanish actor, producer, acting coach, and director, Christian Rodrigo.

The festival goal is to become a powerful tool for the entertainment industry, as a way to discover new or established local talent, and to engage and bring bigger audiences to the theater. The festival also wants to be an example of diversity and plurality.

The festival has eight programs of six-seven plays each, 52 short plays in total, that will be competing during five weeks, out of 400 submissions received. 31 plays are in English and 21 in Spanish. And although most of them are produced by LA local companies, there will be also artists coming from Mexico, Florida, Texas and Spain in this second edition. Each weekend 12-14 new short plays, get to be on stage, on two different programs that run Saturdays and Sundays, at 6 and at 8 p.m.

This Second Edition is also hosting four free workshops with important figures of the Entertainment world.

The best plays, chosen by a professional jury (casting directors, producers, directors, actors, writers, managers, and agents) and by a popular jury (the audience), will be competing in the Finals’ weekend during the 5th week of the festival, April 30 an May 1. The best play in English and the best play in Spanish will receive an award of $500.

The festival organizers are happy to share that the number of women and men participating in the different areas of the festival (from writers or directors to actors or producers) is really balanced. The Festival expects more than 4,000 people as an audience in this second edition.

Brisk LA (Los Angeles Brisk Festival) opened on April 2 and will be based at the Morgan-Wixson Theater at 2627 Pico Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90405. Tickets start at $15.00 (plus taxes & fees) and are available at

Submitted by Christian Rodrigo