I would like to remind everyone that leaf blowers are illegal in Santa Monica, and have been since the ban was passed in 1991. They are also totally or partially banned in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, and about 20 other southern California cities. Gas-powered leaf blowers will be illegal in the entire state of California in 2024.

In Santa Monica ALL leaf blowers are illegal, including the quieter electric and battery-powered versions. They still blow dust around and add to pollution.

This morning on my walk in northern Santa Monica, I spoke with three gardeners using leaf blowers. One believed his battery-powered blower was okay because a salesperson in a store told him it was. Another said that “everyone” uses them, which of course does not make his use of one acceptable. In fact, many property owners are aware of the law. My own condo complex employs gardeners who use rakes and brooms to clear surface debris.

The city relies on citizens to follow the law. The law, the reasoning behind it, and instructions for reporting violations are found on the city website at https://www.smgov.net/departments/ose/categories/landscape/leaf_blower_ban.aspx or just search “leaf blowers Santa Monica.”

Kathleen Sheldon, Santa Monica