Both my grandfathers fought in World War l. Both of my children’s grandfathers fought in World War ll. I fought in Vietnam. Members of my extended family have fought in Iraq and Afghanistan. This family understands the price we pay because of war.

The nations of the world already know and understand what is happening in Ukraine and in response they have imposed crippling economic sanctions against the belligerent nation responsible for the invasion that has already sparked a self inflicted reported 30% inflation rate as the Ruble plummets to near 85% of its value prior to hostilities of just a few weeks ago.

Given the choice between the US and the rest of the world being drawn in to a land war or higher gas prices the majority of Americans favor paying more rather than sacrificing both blood and treasure.

The only question now is how long will it take before the Russian people figure out whether or not they are ready to forfeit two decades of economic progress or not over these hostilities and what they are going to do about it before their entire economy collapses for the second time since Russia bankrupted itself in Afghanistan?

I for one will gladly pay more for goods and services and drive less for selfish reasons which is a choice neither the Ukrainian  or Russian economies can afford to parlay to begin with.

Stewart Resmer