Evan Meyer welcomes Lana Negrete on this edition of Meyerside Chats. Interested in any of the civic topics below? Please tune in to Meyerside Chats on the Santa Monica Daily Press

Meyerside Chats seeks to eliminate the “us and them” narrative and toxic polarization by praising those who lead by example, virtuous community leadership, and authentic conversation. The intent is to showcase the humanity in those that take on tough jobs (often in the public realm), through civil discourse, and honoring differing points of view.

Recorded by santamonicamusic.com

Councilmember Negrete is a lifelong resident of Santa Monica, bringing a wealth of knowledge about the issues impacting youth and families, renters, and small business owners.”


– Lana’s awesome podcast studio, a community resource & creative space.

– How Lana got involved in her music stores.

– The importance of music in society, learning, and emotional intelligence | 13:00.

– Social Media ⇾ “Keyboard Warriors,” time-management & childhood development.

– Why people create categories, buckets, and “camps” of thought | 20:00.

– The tendency to only discuss what isn’t working, not what does.

– The perception of needing to be perfect for politicians.

– The lack of information for the public to determine “truth” | 26:00.

– Bringing balance and unity to council.

– Why holding office is a lot to endure for nominal compensation (in Santa Monica).

– Unfair labeling | 42:00.

– How the council can approach transparency in council meetings | 47:00.

– Helping children learn how to “get involved.”

– It’s NOT work/life balance to strive for, but rather work/life integration ⇾ when work IS life, fun, and efficient, and how Lana juggles her time with this approach.

– You’re never too good to take out the trash | 56:00.

– The need for shorter council meetings.

– People should call in for public comment with solutions :-).

– The incorrect news around Santa Monica Pier |  1:05:00.

– How news gets “minced” to paint a narrative, even at a city or local level.

– Improving our communication .

– For most people many of our issues are luxuries to worry about.

– Lana’s one big takeaway… “Just be kind”.