Shack: The long awaited demolition of Hot Dog on a Stick finally occurred this week. Emily Sawicki

Weiner shack Hot Dog on a Stick was torn down this week in preparation for a brand new building that will replace the 75-year-old structure that was first built there in 1946. The new structure will resemble the former location but will be about 50 percent larger; the boardwalk-facing facade will expand from 10 to 15 feet and total square footage will increase from 440 to 680.

“The Hot Dog on a Stick Muscle Beach location is where our brand’s history began, and we are forever grateful to the locals in the area for giving us such an amazing start,” Jenn Johnston, President of Hot Dog on a Stick, said in a statement provided by spokespeople following the demolition. “For over 75 years, it has been our pleasure to serve up smiles with our fresh, hand-stomped lemonade and signature stick offerings. We built a unique experience that people seek out, all while not losing our authenticity.

“We are confident our guests will love our refreshed look which will set us up for the next 75 years of business,” Johnston continued. “While the building will be getting the make-over it deserves, the location itself will still maintain its nostalgic feel with smiling Hotdoggers ready to serve you.”

If the project sticks to its ambitious timeline, it could be operational in time for Memorial Day; the project is estimated to take two months from start to finish once demolition was cleared to begin, according to estimates from the California Coastal Commission.