Open: Hamed and Amin Afshari of Dripology want to create a holistic wellness experience. Clara Harter

When clients walk into Dripology’s new Santa Monica clinic the collection of neon artwork, plush furniture and framed photography may make them feel like they have stumbled into an artist’s loft and not an IV therapy center. According to Founder and CEO Hamed Afshari, that’s exactly the point.

“In psychology, even in medicine, they say art is very healing,” said Afshari. “People are afraid of needles, people are scared of blood and have all of these reservations to this type of stuff, so anything that can help you relax is something we focus on.”

In addition to the soothing effects of the artistic treatment rooms, Dripology offers several other complimentary services to ease and enhance their client’s treatment. There is music, a foot massager, a Normatec leg compressor and even a meditative virtual reality headset. It’s all part of Afshari’s intention to have people think of IV therapy less as a novelty tool for curing a hangover and more as a holistic wellness experience.

The idea for the business first came to him when he was working as a nurse in the ICU of the MD Anderson Cancer Center and saw the transformative effect that IV vitamins had on patients’ immunity, energy, hydration and recovery. He realized that many health-minded individuals and people in high intensity careers would be interested in reaping some of these benefits. In January of 2019 he launched Dripology as a concierge service and its nurses began delivering drips in people’s homes all across Los Angeles and later in New York City.

The Santa Monica clinic opened at 1411 7th St. Ste 120 in February, and is Dripology’s first in-person drip spa.

“We took a lot of time trying to figure out where we wanted to put our first brick and mortar and Santa Monica came up as far as the healthy lifestyle; people call it the yoga capital of the world, there seems to be a gym on every corner, so that healthy wellness side was there,” said Afshari.

While Dripology does offer a popular “hangover cure’’ style detox drip, the majority of their customer demand is for health focused drips. Currently their top service is the immunity drip that is both preventative against illness and therapeutic for people experiencing cold or flu like symptoms. It includes Vitamin C to fight infections, a B-complex to aid energy production and create new healthy cells, Zinc to reduce recovery-time, Lysine to detoxify and Taurine to optimize muscle functionality.

Another client favorite is the beauty drip, which uses a blend of Magnesium Chloride, B-complex, Glutathione, Lysine and IV fluid to reduce wrinkles and blemishes; rehydrate, brighten and tighten skin; and prevent or treat cold sores.

In addition to their health-focused branding, Dripology wants to be distinguished from other IV therapy providers by their high standard of medical care. Their protocols were designed with recommendations by The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and every treatment is performed by a licensed Registered Nurse.

“Whenever you think of getting an IV, we want you to think of Dripology and of responsible knowledgeable professionals and quality treatments, because all those things can be missing from other IV places” said President and COO Amin Afshari. “Even though we have an aesthetic vibe, we stick to the medical and safe side of everything.”