Jamie Paige / Special to the Daily Press

A Los Angeles jury that found 42-year-old Dylan James Jensen guilty on seven counts that included rape, sodomy and sexual battery will now decide if he was insane when committing the acts.

Jensen was homeless when he broke into a 68-year-old woman’s apartment at the border of Venice and Santa Monica and raped her at knifepoint on the early morning of June 4, 2018.

Jensen’s’ attorney will have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Jenson meets the definition of insane when committing the crimes to prove an insanity defense.

In California law, the legal defense of insanity means that you cannot be found guilty of a crime if you were legally insane when you committed it.

Under California’s insanity defense, you are considered legally insane if you either did not understand the nature of your criminal act, or did not understand that what you were doing was morally wrong. Drug-related mental conditions cannot be used in an insanity defense.

During the first phase of the trial, jurors heard testimony from a Los Angeles County psychiatrist who had treated Jensen for his prolonged addiction to methamphetamines and depression.

On Monday, the prosecuting attorneys highlighted that although new expert witnesses will be called during the sanity phase of the trial, there was video evidence to show Jenson was interacting normally after the rape–including “trying to cover up what he had just done.”

If the verdict or finding is that Jenson was sane when the rape happened, the court can then sentence Jensen as provided by law.

If the verdict or finding is that the defendant was insane at the time of the rape, the court will direct that the defendant be committed to the State Department of State Hospitals, or the court can order the defendant placed on outpatient status.

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