Evan Meyer welcomes Councilwoman Gleam Davis for a chat.

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Summary of the convo:

– Distrust in Santa Monica Politics and how to begin to solve it.
– Improving systems of community feedback
-Distrust and the beliefs of corruption – -“What’s in it for me vs what’s in it for the community” attitude.
– Day to day experience of a policy is hard to reconcile with long term strategy around the policy.
– Santa Monica in comparison to other cities (e.g. Beverly Hills)
-Homelessness and Housing
– Interoperability of public systems of different municipalities
– Making alternative transportation more convenient and the “economic calculus” of mode choice.
– Policy, weighing difficult choices, and an easily digestible transparency of rationale.
– Getting off the “one right answer” to policy mentality – “Name calling” needs to stop.
– Let’s make Santa Monica a model for the way democratic processes can work
– “The most fundamental consensus we have is that we all care.
– 90% of SM council votes are actually unanimous.

Thank you Gleam Davis  for your service, your commitment to Santa Monica,  and for sharing this time with me.