The Feb. 6 monthly workshop of the Committee For Racial Justice will honor Black History Month by looking at the question of why, when we look back at Black history, we see that the problems of today have not changed much from those of the past.  The workshop, which starts at 6:30 p.m. on zoom, is entitled BLACK HISTORY: WHY ARE WE DEALING WITH MANY OF THE SAME ISSUES TODAY?  It is open to all and resident can register online. 

The guest speaker for the Feb. 6 Black History Month workshop of the Committee For Racial Justice is Dr. Toni-Mokjaetji Humber, Professor Emeritus, Ethnic and Women’s Studies Department at Cal Poly Pomona.  She is the founder and curator of Where Black Is Brown:  The African Diaspora in Mexico that investigates the cultural influences and historical contributions of Africans in Mexico.  Currently, she serves as Vice President and Scholarship Chair for Our Authors Study Club, Inc. (OASC), Los Angeles branch of the Association for the Study of African American Life and History, Inc., and is a Board of Trustees member for St. Elmo Village, Inc., community art and cultural center for creative expression.

Dr. Humber will review The Eight Pillars of Caste that Isabel Wilkerson brilliantly outlined in her 2020 Pulitzer Prize winning book, Caste: The Origins of Our Discontent.  Wilkerson proposes “that racism is an insufficient term for the systemic oppression of Black people in America. Instead, [she] prefers to refer to America as having a caste system.”

Dr. Humber’s analysis will highlight the undergirding structures and injustice the US caste system perpetuates. This discussion is timely and germane to the divisive political climate in this country today.  Her analysis can help us forge a path forward toward a more fully equitable future when we better understand what has prevented us from achieving more justice in the past. 

Black History month can be honored by discussing together in the Q & A how the past informs what needs to be understood in order to create effective strategies for building the future we want.

Join organizers from 6:30 – 8 p.m. Register online at—rqTgsEtJRs8nB89zlpjvAPdG2GY00

For more information, call Joanne at 310-422-5431.

Submitted by Joanne Berlin