The Santa Monica Police Department has released its annual crime report for last year.

Part I crimes were down about 2.9% in 2021. A notable decrease is seen in the categories of Rape, Residential Burglary, and overall Larceny – Theft. However, when reviewing the 5 year data, our city has experienced the following increases:  

  • In 2021, firearm use in Aggravated Assaults shows the highest number of incidents in five years.   
  • Non-Residential Burglary shows an increase over the last five years. In 2019, the numbers declined, however in 2020 the City saw a significant spike in this category due to Covid-related closures and the civil unrest on May 31, 2020.   
  • Auto Parts Theft show a significant increase over the past five years.  The increase is largely due to the prevalence of catalytic converter thefts.  
  • Grand Theft incidents show an increase in the last five years.  Notably, trucks and “other” vehicles show an observable increase.   
  • Lastly, Arson shows an increase over the past five years.  More than 40% involve trash and recycle bins set on fire.   

— Submitted by SMPD