There came a day at CLS Los Angeles that the marketing department asked what celebrity personalities we as drivers would be willing to extend a courtesy limousine booking to? I thought about it and decided I would suggest the names of persons I had never met yet from all the glitterati that I already had? Count among those a guy named Meatloaf.

I was fascinated by the man’s persona. I must admit that I was perplexed as to what it was exactly that was who he was. In the limelight that marketed in good looks and sex appeal there he was, as he was putting himself out there as the consummate entertainer that he was. As imperfect as he was. He was the perfect man to represent those less than perfect attributes in a way that I believe inspired a segment of humanity to dare to step out there and reveal themselves for who they were and still are now that he’s gone.

In his example a passionate and complete person with all the hopes and aspirations of the larger-than-life individual he was.

This morning on the news reports we recall those very every person traits in his performances as an actor, musician, singer, entertainer and high school football player that his coach called Meatloaf.

I’m happy to have met him before the sun came up one morning for a short transfer to LAX. We did not converse much more than him saying hello and thanking me and the company for a complimentary ride in an industry where everybody is looking for something. And I think that he appreciated the quiet time we spent winding down Sunset Boulevard at the start of his day’s newest journey as much as I appreciated meeting not the human dynamo of raw talent and absolute volcano of emotion and passion that the man, Michael Lee Adam was. What a distinctive honor and pleasure to meet the real person.

Stewart Resmer , Santa Monica