Re: January 19, 2022 article by Ms. Sawicki on candidate for LA County Supervisor, 3rd District, Robert Hertzberg:

“I grew up in the Valley and loved it. I don’t like what it’s become. I don’t know Mr. Hertzberg, but his campaign statement that his goal as Supervisor, if quoted correctly “…will be to bring people together, build coalitions, and solve problems for our uniquely diverse and dynamic county. The people deserve nothing less…” says nothing. It is the kind of banal, routine, boilerplate and empty statement typical of so many candidates that has absolutely no meaning or context. It suggests mediocrity and expresses nothing promising enough to earn a vote. Our elected officials need to stop insulting us with word salads like this. I wish Mr. Hertzberg would have stated something like “I will bring to the people the rewards their hard work, dedication and tax dollars have earned. I will develop means by which the people of the 3rd District can voice their concerns and test solutions to problems so that needed reforms are effective and don’t create more problems than they are meant to solve.” THAT is a mission statement worthy of consideration.”

Philip A. Iadevaia, Simi Valley