In response to the article on January 11, 2022, I would like to take this opportunity to provide clarity. Barry Snell is not the leader of the Black Agenda as was stated in the article. Barry Snell is the President of SMBLA the Non-profit organization that was created by the Black Agenda. SMBLA is a resource for the Black community in Santa Monica. The Black Agenda’s work is the advocacy. For the record, The Black Agenda is in opposition of the Malibu petition as it is inequitable to all children of color and at times has racist undertones in reference to the children of color in the Santa Monica community.  The chair of the Black Agenda is Ericka Lesley. Ben Drati was invited to the Black Agenda by the chair. Barry Snell was there as a guest. There were no assurances of assistance by Mr. Snell to Dr. Drati at said meeting. I hope that this provides some clarity for those whose vision of equality and transparency is cloudy.

Ericka Lesley, Black Agenda Chair