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Donation: Santa Monica-based non-profit the Children’s Lifesaving Foundation surprised UCLA COVID Ward Nurse Shannan Hough and her colleagues at the UCLA Hospital with beauty and skincare gift bags, put together by the staff of Venice-based OSEA Skincare. The bags were filled with high-end skin and beauty products donated by OSEA and their partner brands.

“We just gave away over two thousand toys and gifts over the holidays to families in need, including the OSEA gift bags to some of the families in our Vita Network,” said The Children’s Lifesaving Foundation (CLF) Operations Director Francesca McCaffery. “OSEA are incredible community partners, and have been working with us for over a decade. They also donated extra gift bags in 2020, and we brought them to the nurses at the beginning of the lockdown. It’s so nice to be able to honor them, in any way that we can, especially right now.”

CLF has been in operation since 1993, serving underserved and homeless youth and families through a variety of educational, holiday and outdoor recreational programs-such as wilderness and surf camps, college scholarships and tutoring. They also raised and distributed over $136,000 in direct funds through their Step Forward Emergency Family Fund to local families in need in LA County since May of 2020. For more information on their work, their website is