On Monday, Jan. 10

The Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office filed one count of burglary and one count of providing false information to a peace officer against Mynor Calderon aka: Jose Manuel Rojas, a 23-year-old homeless male. On Jan. 6, SMPD took a report of a burglary where it was reported a safe was taken. A Forensics Specialist responded to take photos and lift latent prints. When the Forensics Specialist was talking with the victim outside of the residence, Calderon walked by. The victim immediately noticed that Calderon was wearing a shirt that belonged to him. The victim and Forensics Specialist walked back to the unit and discovered his front door was now closed and locked. SMPD Officers responded, searched the residence and located Calderon inside a bedroom. He was taken into custody without incident. Calderon was carrying a backpack and holding property belonging to the victim. He also initially provided police officers a fictitious name. At the station, SMPD officers learned his true identity and discovered that he had a No Bail warrant for Assault with a Deadly Weapon out of Los Angeles.