Rhianna Rogers Director, RAND Corporation’s Center to Advance Racial Equity Policy

My resolution is part professional, and definitely personal. As a multiracial woman, I know how important it is to “level the playing field.” To me, this means drawing together folks from different cultural perspectives to speak with and learn from one another – to develop cross-cultural understanding. I resolve to create more such spaces. I resolve to bring together diverse groups of individuals to deliberate timely topics, discuss social issues, promote cultural awareness among multiple viewpoints, and create actionable outcomes. My hope is that if we can work together to communicate effectively, we can find ways to make the world better for all. 

Kingsley Fife

I’m looking forward in 2022 to watching USC & UCLA play each other at the end of “March Madness” for the College Basketball Championship. It could happen because this year both teams are ranked & very good. It would also be great for our community!

Jeffrey Merrihue

Heroic Italian wishes Covid to go away immediately so our lovely seaside community can return to live, work and play in some semblance of a normal way. Happy New Year!

Nancy Coleman, Chair NOMA (North of Montana Neighborhood Association)

My wish for 2022:  That we all stay healthy and happy, meet our challenges successfully, and as a country, hold onto the principles of democracy.  I hope that we can respect our differences and learn to listen, collaborate and work together.  Santa Monica is so beautiful and we are fortunate to live here.  The best to those who live, visit and work here in 2022.

Evan Meyer

This year, I’m looking forward to continuing educating and creating communities that honor civility first, where we respect the notion that another’s belief differs from our own, enriching and balancing each other through those very differences; where solutions-oriented approaches to problems are foundationally built on common ground; where learning and perspective are our primary motivations toward discourse and civic engagement; where we point fingers at ourselves to create the solutions needed for the world we want to live in.

Mayor Himmelrich

My resolution for 2022 is to silence anger with love, ill-nature with kindness, greed with generosity, and lies with truth. Credit to Buddha.