On December 15 at about 12:04 AM,

Santa Monica Police Department (SMPD) Officers were dispatched to the area of 3rd and Arizona regarding a group of males who were walking through the 3rd Street Promenade while uprooting city-owned trees, damaging and breaking holiday decorations, as well as fencing belonging to a business. SMPD Officers located and detained five male subjects. The promenade security cameras captured their actions. The cost of damages is estimated to be approximately $5,000. The following males, all from Los Angeles, were arrested and booked for Felony Vandalism – 594(B)(1) PC:

· Shane Thomas Barry 21-year-old

· Zachary Lawrence 21-year-old

· William Ian Lawrence 21-year-old

· Aiden Metzner 22-year-old

· Mark Andrew Sapper 21-year-old