On Dec. 4

SMPD officers working uniformed patrol assigned in the Downtown area responded to a radio call at Nordstrom (220 Broadway) at approximately noon regarding a “Theft in Custody”. Upon our arrival loss prevention staff explained that multiple Nordstrom employees noticed a female who they recognized from an attempted theft the prior day back in the store. On Dec. 3, the individual identified at Tiffany Watson entered the store and began concealing merchandise on her person. She was contacted by loss prevention and agreed to return the items and advised to leave the store. The following day, she returned, selected sunglasses and placed them on her face. She then selected a pair of earrings. After selecting a hat and placing it on her head and she began walking toward the Broadway exit and left the store without paying for the aforementioned items she selected and was wearing. Watson stopped and gave the merchandise back to store personnel. She was detained in the store until officers arrived and was arrested for shoplifting.