Jamie Paige / Special to the Daily Press

A Los Angeles jury deliberated for almost a day before finding Dylan James Jenson,42, of Los Angeles, guilty on seven counts that included rape, sodomy, sexual battery, burglary, and assault with a deadly weapon on Tuesday.

Jensen, 42, was homeless when he broke into the victim’s home and raped her on the early morning of June 4, 2018.

Police say that Jensen entered the victim’s apartment through the sliding door of an elevated patio, took a knife from the kitchen, and went into the victim’s bedroom while she was sleeping.

During the trial, the victim testified that she woke up to Jensen putting his hands over her mouth and a knife up to her face. She said she began to make noise but that Jensen had repeatedly told her to “shut up.”

Throughout her testimony, the victim continued to tell the prosecuting attorney she wanted to survive the rape–and do what she could do to “not die.”

Jurors also heard testimony from police and a Los Angeles County psychiatrist who had treated Jensen for his addiction to meth and depression.

The next phase of the case is to determine whether or not Jensen was “insane” at the time of the rape.

If the verdict or finding is that the defendant was sane when the rape happened, the court can then sentence Jensen as provided by law.

If the verdict or finding is that the defendant was insane at the time of the rape, the court will direct that the defendant be committed to the State Department of State Hospitals, or the court can order the defendant placed on outpatient status.

The next portion of the case is expected to begin in late January.

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