Jamie Paige, Special to the Daily Press

The Los Angeles City Clerk has confirmed that the “raw number of signatures’’ on the recall petition against Councilman Mike Bonin was enough for it to proceed to the verification state, which will occur over the next 30 days.

The Office of the City Clerk has 30 business days after final acceptance to examine the validity of the signatures collected. The signature verification phase will begin on Friday, December 3, 2021 and end no later than Tuesday, January 18, 2022. The City Clerk did not specify the number of raw signatures, but the recall group submitted 39,188 signatures. It needed 27,317 signatures to qualify for the ballot.

If the group has enough valid signatures of Council District 11 residents, the City Clerk will send a Certification of Sufficiency Report to the City Council, which will have 20 days to call for holding of a special recall election between 88 days and 125 days of the council’s action.

Shortly after the recall signatures were turned in, recall proponents Nico Ruderman and Katrina Schmitt said: “It’s evident that there are more people who want him gone than who voted for him.”

Since the recall, Schmitt and Ruderman have said that safety and listening to the community have been a top concern for many volunteers and people who signed the petition. “The role of an elected councilman isn’t to just do whatever they want. We can’t afford for more lives to be lost or businesses to go out. He is destroying our communities, and enough is enough. We are in a dire situation, so we have to use this [recall] process,” said Ruderman.

“This recall, and my reelection (they would take place just several weeks apart), isn’t really about me. It’s about how we, as a city, should respond to homelessness. And the outcome will shape decision making on this issue for some time to come,’’ Mike Bonin tweeted on Nov. 10 after the recall petition was submitted.

If the special election goes to the ballot, voters will answer a question about if they want to recall Mike Bonin and then have the opportunity to vote for a replacement candidate. The special election, if it takes place, could be in late May or early June.