Relax: IntoMeSea is the only commerical venue that offers soaks in Galactic Crystal Intention Tubs™. Photo by Wonho Frank Lee

With flotation meditations, galactic crystal tubs and hypnagogic lights among their therapies, the new IntoMeSea healing studio offers a wellness experience unlike any other.

Based loosely around the concept of quantum healing, the studio utilizes a variety of energy, light, and natural substance healing methods to offer an integrated whole person wellness experience.

“We’re not just our physical bodies, but we’re also emotional bodies, we’re energetic bodies, we’re spiritual bodies of our mental bodies and these are the things that create a multi-dimensional self and so the modalities that we offer and the classes that we offer touch a lot on all of those things,” said founder Jennifer Williams.

The foundational treatment of the center is the flotation meditation. IntoMeSea has three private suites with flotation tubs filled with Epsom salt rich water that is heated to skin temperature.

When people lie down in the tubs external stimulus is minimized and they can float in a low-sensation zen-like state of mind that can lead to feelings of great tranquility and joy.

Many may be more familiar with these tubs under the name sensory deprivation tank, but Williams coined the term Flotation Meditation to more accurately describe the experience of users.

“The term deprivation, it’s a misnomer because it makes the person think that they have no control when they’re in the tank,” said Williams, explaining that people can still move and touch the sides of the tub and can opt to have soothing lights or music added to their experience.

Flotation has been shown to offer an array of benefits. Mentally, it is said to relieve anxiety and depression as well as lift creative blocks. Physically, it lowers cortisol levels and is great for people with hypertension, chronic pain and autoimmune conditions.

Williams has been an avid user of flotation tanks since she first tried one in 2014 and found it worked wonders for her chronic muscle pain and emotional pain.

Williams used to work as a photographer in New York City and found herself becoming incredibly worn down and burnt out, which prompted a career switch to massage therapy. However, even in her new lifestyle she was still often emotionally and physically depleted. After discovering flotation therapy she dove into the subject area and it was through attending conferences and working with professionals in this space that she discovered several of the other treatments now on offer at IntoMeSea.

One such treatment is the Lucia N°03 Light Experience, in which the client relaxes on a reclining chair while a trained Light Guide controls the speed and intensity of the light above. The flashing of white lights accompanied by solfeggio tones is said to induce the hypnagogic state in the brain between wakefulness and sleep.

Benefits IntoMeSea ascribes to the light include the reduction of sleep disorders, activation of the pineal gland and entering deep states of relaxation and consciousness.

“When you’re laying under the light with your eyes closed you’re experiencing this incredible kaleidoscopic universe of colors and patterns and shapes and people will end up having some very profound moments,” said Williams.

One of the most unique therapies offered at IntoMeSea is a soak in their Galactic Crystal Intention Tubs™. The two carved white quartz soaking tubs are intended for intention setting and energetic healing.

The quartz crystal is over four billion years old and taken from deep within the earth. Quartz is a naturally holographic storage device that allows electromatic energy to flow through it. Williams said that the material can be used to amplify the energy and intentions of those who soak in the tub.

These three therapies—Lucia Light, Flotation Meditation, Galactic Crystal Intention Tubs™—are only part of what is on offer at IntoMeSea. Other signature treatments include the infrared sauna and the salt chamber.

There are also a wide array of classes on offer that tap into even more aspects of wellness. These include breathwork, tarot readings, movement meditation, reiki, sound baths, Qi Gong, vinyasa yoga, stretching and kundalini yoga.

Located at 1812 Lincoln Blvd., the IntoMeSea center is a sustainable building designed by renowned local environmental architect David Hertz. The roof features 25 solar panels, 10 thermal panels, and a skywater machine designed by Hertz that can create up to 300 gallons of water from the atmosphere per day.