Sue Himmelrich, Mayor

“This year of terrible loss in my family has strengthened my commitment to family values and connectedness. I try to never take for granted the love and shared history of the people who are always in my corner. I hope all of us can take the unconditional positive regard we have for our loved ones and channel it to lift up those we may not know, but who need us all the same. The human spirit has been damaged over the last 20 months, but we each have the power to harness our better angels for the common good. I am thankful for those who share my commitment to a higher ideal of a common good and, of course, I give thanks for my family who stand strong for each other during good times and bad.”

Zina Josephs, Sunset park resident

I’m thankful to be living in Santa Monica, with its clean air and wonderful ocean breezes, and also grateful for the benefits of being next door to Los Angeles, for the abundance of performing and visual arts, the excellent schools, the small town feel of the Sunset Park neighborhood, the increasing responsiveness to residents of City Council members and new staff members, the passage of the federal infrastructure bill, the high vaccination rates in our city, the wealth of medical expertise available to us when needed and, on a personal level, for the birth of our healthy, beautiful granddaughter.

Kavitha Prabaker, MD Associate Director, Clinical Epidemiology & Infection Prevention, UCLA Health Santa Monica

“This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for my fellow healthcare workers for motivating me to persevere despite uncertainty and exhaustion. I am thankful for the scientific community who created COVID-19 vaccines in record time. I am thankful that I never had to choose between two patients who both deserved treatment. I am thankful for the unconditional support from my husband and children. But most of all, I am thankful for the moments of personal interactions that I have always taken for granted: a hug from my parents, a pat on the shoulder from a colleague, a gathering with friends.”

Jeff Jarow, PAR Commercial Brokerage and 44 year Santa Monica resident.

“It’s not what we have in our lives, but who we have in our lives that counts!”

David White, City Manager

“I have so much to be grateful for as I make Santa Monica my home. Meeting the deeply invested people who make up all aspects of Santa Monica, including members of the City family, has been an inspiring experience that I look forward to continuing into 2022. I am grateful to meet so many people ready to roll up their sleeves to get to work on advancing a clean and safe Santa Monica, addressing homelessness, and shaping an inclusive and equitable economic recovery.”

Dan Toscano, Ocean Park Resident

“On Thanksgiving, I’ll be thankful for at least 1076 more days of competence and sane leadership in the White House.”

Ramon Batista, Police Chief

“Thanksgiving celebrations focus on family, cooking and sharing a bountiful meal with loved ones and friends. In our family, this is an opportunity to express gratitude for the blessings in our life. This year, I am grateful and honored to have been selected to be the Chief of Police of this wonderful and engaged city. During the short time I have been here, I have been received with complete kindness by all. I feel blessed to work amongst an amazing group of men and women who show up to work daily, with compassion in their hearts and a strong desire to serve and help make our city the best place to live, work and visit.”

Sion Roy, SMC College Board Trustee

“I’m thankful that while our lives have not gotten all the way back to normal, the COVID-19 vaccination effort from this past year has made a significant difference in our community. While we mourn those who are missing from our lives this Thanksgiving because of the pandemic, we are thankful that our community is safer than it was a year ago.”

Susan Cline, Acting Assistant City Manager

“As we approach the holiday of thanks, a special thank you to every member of our community who has been vaccinated. And to everyone who has served on the frontlines of the pandemic as medical personnel, grocery store employees, and in all essential capacities, including our frontline City teams, thank you for coming to work to see Santa Monica through so many seasons of change.”

Vera Lopez, RN, unit director, Intermediate Care Unit at UCLA Health Santa Monica

“First of all, I am thankful that all of my family and friends made it through the past year in good health. I’m also thankful that I work for an organization that did every thing possible to keep its healthcare workers safe, including creating necessary infection control protocols and really listening to staff concerns and making necessary changes during a time of many uncertainties. With a 36-bed unit and more than 140 staff to oversee, I’m grateful that I had the tools to keep our unit as protected as possible.

I’ve been a nursing professional at UCLA Health for more than 40 years. Every day, am thankful that I have the opportunity to help sick and chronically ill patients get better – I love what I do.”

Jon Kean, SMMUSD School Board President

“Not to sound selfish, but right now I’m thankful that my family is healthy and happy. One child has started her career in New York and the other is on the path to his future in college. My wife’s museum, Holocaust Museum LA, has reopened, is flourishing, and will soon start an amazing expansion project. When the ones we love are happy, healthy, and fulfilled it makes it easier to find an exit route from the past 18+ months of Covid while maintaining a perspective that reminds us to appreciate and cherish what is most important in our lives.”

David Martin, Community Development Director

“Thank you to our entire Code Enforcement team, including COVID-19 Health Ambassadors, for continuing to ensure Santa Monica businesses and patrons are following public health directives. Thank you to Building and Safety staff who are working hard to ensure that residential and commercial projects are moving forward, especially our Building Inspection staff who have been in the field conducting inspections throughout the pandemic. And thanks to City Planning for working alongside the community and Council to develop and adopt a compliant Housing Element and to my economic development colleagues for laying the foundation for a strong and sustained recovery.”

Tracy Condon, Executive Director, Santa Monica Rent Control Agency

“I’m thankful for the amazing adaptability and creativity of the Rent Control Board and staff members as they’ve innovated this year to provide our full range of services to the Santa Monica tenant and landlord community. From explaining eviction moratoria and referring people to community resources, to staffing and holding video conference seminars, hearings and Rent Board meetings, to creating a constituent-friendly rent and property information system, Agency staff and the Commissioners have advanced the vital work of Santa Monica’s Rent Control Law. A global pandemic is no match for the determination of the rent control family to serve our community. And for that, my gratitude is overflowing.”

Joe Lawrence, Interim City Attorney

“The entire staff of the City Attorney’s Office wish everyone in the Santa Monica community – and your loved ones – a happy and safe Thanksgiving. Whether it is in helping protect your housing, consumer and civil rights, in prosecuting criminals or in helping to guide you through the maze of State and City laws, we continue to give thanks for being able to assist you. We hope that even in difficult times, each of you have much to be thankful for now, and that the future brings you much more.”