Evan Meyer welcomes Albin Gielicz on this edition of Meyerside Chats. Interested in any of the civic topics below? Please tune in to Meyerside Chats on the Santa Monica Daily Press

Santa Monica Travel and Tourism Chairman, Park and Recreation Commissioner, and past president and board member of nearly a dozen of Santa Monica’s various sustainability, economic development, neighborhood and business comiteees, Albin Gielicz speaks about:

1. His vision for Santa Monica, 

2. Tips for new businesses in Santa Monica,

3. The state of, and plan for tourism here in Santa Monica.

4. Al Fresco dining, 

5. And much more goodness.

Meyerside Chats is an attempt to destroy the “us and them” narrative through virtuous community leadership, praising those who lead by example, starting right here in Santa Monica.