The Los Angeles County Commission on Human Relations (LACCHR) released a special report on anti-Asian hate crime in LA County in 2020. Since 1980, LACCHR collects and reports hate crime data submitted by law enforcement agencies, educational institutions, and community-based organizations. Today’s special report revealed that anti-Asian hate crimes rose 76% from 25 to 44 in 2020. This is the largest number of anti-Asian hate crimes reported since 2001.

To view the 2020 anti-Asian Hate Crime Report, please click here. LA County’s annual Hate Crime Report, which will encompass all reported hate crimes in LA County, will be released in November.

“I have been increasingly alarmed by the rise in anti-Asian hate crimes across Los Angeles, and  I am particularly disturbed by the three-fold increase in anti-Asian hate crimes perpetrated against women,” said Supervisor Kuehl. “This report reveals a significant and troubling problem that is growing, and makes clear that LA County must take every possible step to curb this rise in racial violence.”

Significant findings include the following:

Specific Asian nationalities and ethnicities were the targets of hate. Most slurs were anti-Chinese, but anti-Japanese and anti-Asian Indian hate crimes also occurred. Among the victims were people of Korean, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, and Guatemalan ethnicity.

In 10 of the anti-Asian hate crimes (23%), the suspects explicitly blamed the victims for COVID-19.

The rate of hate-related violence in 2019 (76%) and 2020 (77%) was significantly higher compared to prior years.

The median age of victims increased from 30 to 41. Half of the victims were over 40, including two seniors. In 2019, there were no victims of hate crimes over 40. 

There was a tripling in the number of female victims of anti-Asian hate crime compared to the previous year, rising to nearly half of all victims

In cases in which the race of the suspect was known, Whites comprised 42% of anti-Asian hate crime suspects. This was followed by Latino/a (36%) suspects and African American (19%) suspects.

In response to the rise in hate, the Board of Supervisors directed LACCHR to develop an initiative to prevent and respond to hate incidents in the County, which resulted in “L.A. vs Hate.” The initiative has three components: (1) a community-driven public engagement campaign to encourage residents and organizations to unite against and report acts of hate; (2) the first government hotline (via 211) for reporting acts of hate and providing assistance to hate victims; and (3) a network of community agencies that provide hate prevention and rapid response services. Since launching in June 2020, “L.A. vs Hate” content has been viewed over 468 million times and has been shared over 88 million times. Since September 2019, when L.A. vs. Hate and 211 began accepting calls to report hate, L.A. vs. Hate has received more than 1,400 reports of hate acts.

Submitted by: Michael Kapp, Director of Public Affairs