34 Year L.A County Sheriff’s Veteran and current Captain, Britta Steinbrenner, announced her official candidacy for Los Angeles County Sheriff on Tuesday, September 21. At her press conference, she was surrounded by family, friends, and a large group of supporters while speaking to the media.

Captain Steinbrenner, in her 34 years of service, has served with distinction and worked her way up through the ranks of the Sheriff’s Department, with a long list of diverse assignments including: custody, patrol, Sheriff’s Information Bureau and International Liaison Unit, Emergency Operations, Reserve Forces, Risk Management and Personnel Administration Bureaus.

“I will bring my diverse experience, qualifications, and unblemished record to lead the rank and file of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department to regain the public trust in partnership with our County’s elected officials. I am prepared to bring positive change to a Department in need of leadership, more so now than ever before.”

Submitted by Katie Miller