The City of Malibu has released a statement condeming a recent assault on Dan Blocker Beach that sent a man to a local hospital. 

Shortly before noon on Sunday, August 29, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputies arrested two men for attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon, following an assault on Dan Blocker Beach. The victim was airlifted to the hospital and is currently recovering from their injuries. 

“We were shocked to hear of this vicious, unprovoked attack on innocent visitors who came to Malibu for a peaceful day of fishing at one of our local beaches, and we send our thoughts and best wishes for a full recovery to the victims and their families,” said Mayor Paul Grisanti. “On behalf of the City Council, I want to thank our local Sheriff’s deputies for their quick response to remove the suspects before they could harm anyone else.”

The Sheriff’s Department confirmed the suspects, both transients, remain in custody. Richard Franck has been charged with Attempted Murder, Mayhem, and Assault with a Deadly Weapon, and Benjamin Mast was charged with Accessory to Attempted Murder. According to the Sheriff’s Department, the suspects reportedly claimed ownership of that portion of the beach when they approached the victim.

The City of Malibu, the Sheriff’s Department, and their outreach partners continue to be diligent in removing illegal encampments. Outreach workers assess individuals displaced by those activities to connect them with health services or temporary housing and resources.

At its August 23, 2021 meeting, the Malibu City Council adopted a resolution declaring the existence of a Local Emergency related to the fire risk associated with unpermitted and unregulated camping. An ordinance to prohibit camping on or in any public park, public beach or public street is scheduled for first reading at a special meeting of the City Council on September 13, 2021.

Submitted by the City of Malibu