I can personally confirm that what Ms. Fahey and Ms. Masters claim about the effectiveness of taking action on global warming as a way of countering helplessness is absolutely true.

The climate crisis is so huge, paralysis can result. Try a 10-minute experiment. Find an article about climate change that affects you. Search and complete the form or start an email.
Then copy and paste the article’s name in the title box or subject line, and copy and paste the article into the text box or email window.

Then read each sentence and type in your thoughts (just no profanity – and speak from the heart). After 5-10 sentences, delete everything else and offer a helpful recommendation.

Maybe it’s advice to call your congressional representatives to support a carbon tax, along the lines of Ms. Fahey and Ms. Masters. Maybe it’s supporting wetlands, sustainable agriculture or renewables. (Emails require your name, address, telephone number and email address.) Then click on Send. Don’t worry if your letter isn’t published. An editor reads it. It may help get someone else’s letter published. Enough letters may guide an editor’s choices. You will feel better, just like I do, right now, as I click on “Send.”

Gary M Stewart, Laguna Beach