Parents and community members have an opportunity to double their support for Santa Monica schools during a back-to-school match for the Santa Monica Education Foundation. Kilroy Realty, a steadfast supporter of local schools for several years, is offering a dollar-for-dollar match for all donations to the Ed Foundation up to $25,000 through Tuesday, August 31.

“We are excited to welcome students back to school with this match,” said Alison Havel, President of the Ed Foundation Board of Directors. “Last year was a difficult year for all of our school families, but programs funded by donations to the Ed Foundation are always a bright spot in students’ education. We are so grateful to Kilroy Realty for this wonderful matching donation and hope that many parents and community members will join them in giving back for our students.”

Donations can be made at

Donations to the Ed Foundation support a variety of programs and additional staff at each public school in Santa Monica. This includes elementary instructional aides, who work with students in small groups, elementary arts programs, and a stretch grant for each school. Schools use these grants for STEM programs, student wellness, teacher training and more.

Kilroy Realty has supported students as an Ed Foundation Corporate Hero for four years.

“Kilroy Realty is committed to creating sustainable communities,” said Philip Tate, Senior Vice President, Development and Government Affairs.

“Education is key to building vibrant futures and we are thrilled to partner with the Santa Monica Education Foundation to help bring outstanding programs and experiences to all children in Santa Monica public schools.”

Kilroy Realty Corporation (NYSE: KRC) is a West Coast landlord and developer, with a major presence in San Diego, Greater Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area, and the Pacific Northwest. More information is available at

Contributions to the Santa Monica Education Foundation fund excellent programs at every Santa Monica public school – from arts to STEM to wellness – that shape our future problem solvers, visionaries, and global citizens. To learn more about the Ed Foundation, visit

Submitted by Linda Greenberg, Executive Director