Friday, July 23 6:16 p.m.

Officers responded to Memorial Park regarding the report of an “Indecent Exposure.” Dispatch relayed that an individual had his pants down, while yelling at people and carrying a pipe. Upon arrival, officers observed a subject matching the description provided by Dispatchers holding a large stick. When Officers attempted to speak to the individual he became confrontational and broke the stick in half and challenged officers to shoot or tase him. Officers attempted to calm the individual down and formulated a plan with assisting units to subdue and arrest the subject. At the police station, the subject was determined to be in possession and under the influence of methamphetamine. Jeremy Elijah Martin was charged with 647(f) PC-Public Intoxication of drugs, 148(a)(1) PC Obstruct/delay/resist a Peace Officer, and 11377(a)- H&S Possession of a controlled substance.