Jaime Paige, Special to the Daily Press

The first day of Dylan James Jensen’s trial for the alleged rape of a Santa Monica woman began Monday.

Jensen, 42, who was homeless when he was arrested, is accused of Rape, Sodomy, Sexual Battery, Burglary and Assault with a Deadly Weapon.

The alleged rape took place on June 4, 2018 at about 5:55 a.m., near 4th Street and Ashland, according to the Santa Monica Police Department.

Police say that Jensen entered the victim’s apartment through an unlocked sliding door of an elevated patio, took a knife from the kitchen, and went into the victim’s bedroom while she was sleeping.

During her testimony Monday, the victim said that she woke up to Jensen putting his hands over her mouth and a knife up to her face. She said she began to make noise but that Jensen had repeatedly told her to “shut up.”

The victim said Jensen then began stabbing her bed multiple times. She described trying to be as still as she could so that she wouldn’t get stabbed. “All I could think was that I could die, and what can I do to survive this,” the victim said in tears.   

While testifying about the alleged rape, the victim said that Jensen was not making a lot of sense–and, at one point, described him as schizophrenic or high or on drugs. She said he would speak “gibberish,” and that his conversations were all over the place. She said at one point she believed he thought she was someone else. “He kept saying that I was cheating on him. Like he thought he knew me.”

The prosecution went over the alleged rape in detail, often having the victim describe acts of anal and vaginal penetration. During her testimony, the victim said at one point, Jensen put his hands around her neck with a lot of pressure.

The victim said that out of an act of survival, she told Jensen that she would be late for work–and that her boss was very strict and may show up at the door knocking if she was too late. “I wanted him to be gone,” she told the court.

The victim also said that at one point she tried to connect with Jensen and asked him his name. She said he had told her it was David, but she later learned that was not the case.

Throughout her testimony, the victim continued to tell the prosecuting attorney she wanted to survive the alleged rape–and do what she could do to “not die.”

This story was published in partnership with the Venice Current.