Tuesday, July 13 12:13 a.m.

Officers responded to the 1400 block of Ocean Avenue regarding a “Disturbance at a Business.” Dispatchers advised that a transient individual had punched another male. Upon arrival, the victim relayed that he was working nearby and had stepped outside into the alley to throw trash away when the transient male approached him and struck him on the face with a can. The suspect then ran off as the victim chased after him and held him at the location until police arrived. Chase Carlsteph Dalton was found still holding the can he used to hit the victim. Dalton was arrested for a 245(a)(1)PC- Assault with a deadly weapon. Dalton had also originally provided officers with incorrect identifying information and was found to be in possession of an instrument to smoke narcotics. Furthermore, a records check revealed Dalton was on parole. Officers additionally charged Dalton with 11364(a) H and S – possession of drug paraphernalia, 148.9(a) PC – providing false identification to police officer, and 3000.08 (c) PC – Violation of Parole Warrant.