I am a 78 year old long time resident and avid pickle ball player. The city allowed residents to play on weekend mornings at Memorial Park before covid. Since the park has reopened the city says they don’t have the staff to convert the courts.

Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in the country. Many seniors enjoy the sport. Many neighboring cities have been building new courts. Even though over 900 people signed a petition asking for courts and agreed to pay for them they were ignored by the city. While the city spends millions on all kinds of things including a huge soccer field they continue to turn a deaf ear to the many pickleball advocates. There are many tennis courts that go unused and a few can easily be converted to pickleball courts and it wouldn’t cost the city a penny. I have no idea why the city is ignoring the pleas of so many of their residents who desire to play a game that is both healthy and fun.

Morris Kushner, Santa Monica