Unlike Inglewood, Beverly Hills, Manhattan Beach, and Hermosa Beach, Santa Monica has not one dedicated pickleball court. With over thirty, often empty tennis courts, how is it possible to ignore and dismiss the throngs of pickleball players that may have to travel to these other communities?

Why is it critical to designate (not necessarily build) courts for this sport?
Well, here’s why. Pickleball is easily accessible and encourages socialization because it’s carefree and fun. (Unlike golf for example — ugh). It also:

· Lowers the risk of heart disease and depression — it’s a natural mood-booster.

· Makes life richer and happier and fights feelings of isolation and loneliness.

· Keeps your mind sharp and helps with memory issues. (Scorekeeping is tricky.)

· Meets fitness goals easily and enhances interpersonal connections.

· Improves reflexes, balance, and range of motion which minimizes risks of arthritis.

It’s a game of equality, making no distinctions between the sexes, nor for social status, race, or ability.

So c’mon Santa Monica. Don’t we tout ourselves as “forward-thinking, cutting edge, progressive, health-conscious and inclusive”?

Stephanie Blank, Marina del Rey