I don’t play this game (Pickleball), never heard of it? But seems to me (and it’s sounding more and more a good exercise to me! ) to be a wonderful easy way for people to get good, fun exercise and after pandemic companionship. Surely there’s a space somewhere for there to be one at least permanent pickleball court marked for use — away from tennis courts?

So these eager players — equal tax payers — are basically being ignored because of the lack of interest from local authorities and their needing people on their board — meanwhile the post pandemic summer has people desperate to get out into the sunshine and fresh air to loosen up with stiff bodies and minds from very fearful times. It will come and go with powers-that-be not able or too interested in getting anything done!

I would think a permanent marked pickleball court could and should be available all year round with no problems!

Patricia Mace, Los Angeles

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