The UCLA chapter of CALPIRG Students will be hosting a panel to educate the campus community on educational equity to promote affordable textbooks at the UC’s. In the past, CALPIRG has helped commit the UCs to 100% clean energy, but our main focus for the Affordable Textbooks Campaign this quarter is to address the financial challenges of students. The cost of textbooks has risen by 1041% since 1977, which is 4 times the rate of inflation. The US PIRG reports that 65 percent of students skip out on buying a textbook knowing that it would jeopardize their grades. Students should not have to decide between buying textbooks and their well-being. It’s time we take action now by convincing the UC Regents to push for free or cheaper textbooks at the UC’s by implementing open textbooks. These are textbooks that are peer reviewed, but published under an open license allowing them to be tailored towards a professor’s course curriculum and are free or cheaper for students. The purpose of the panel is to educate students on these materials with guest speakers from our campus and give them the chance to share their own student story through letters to the Regents. With a large audience, the power of student voices will be heard in greater numbers to address the challenges in affording a college education.

Panel including; UCSD Librarian, UCLA Student Government Representative and Seventy-Five UC Students coming together to call forth for swift action on educational equity. Wednesday, June 2, 1 – 2 p.m. Access via Zoom:

CALPIRG Students is a statewide nonprofit organization run by students that works to defend the public interest. Visit us at

Submitted by Bucky Squier