On Friday, May 14 11:57 a.m.

Officers responded to a call of an Armed Robbery on the 2100 block of Main St. The reporting party relayed to Officers that he was working behind the counter when an individual came into the store refusing to wear a mask and smelling strongly of urine. The employee asked the individual to step outside and that he would bring him whatever items he was looking for. At this point, the individual brandished a knife and began waving it in the direction of the victim, who then ran back behind the counter and called the police. The Suspect then grabbed a basked and filled it with ice cream and walked away. The Suspect entered two other neighboring stores to take items. Officers were able to identify the Suspect and Brent Richard Hopkins was booked at SMPD Jail for 417(a)(1) PC Brandishing, 211 PC-Robbery, and 148.9(a) PC-Giving a false name to police.