Dear Santa Monica,

What???? Libraries are not coming back??? I was shocked to read in Ms. Ingha [Chopra’s] letter to the editor entitled “Reopen the Library” dated May 20, 2021, that the City’s biennial fiscal year 2021-2020 budget will not bring back our libraries. The proposed budget does not provide funds to fully open the libraries for the next 2 years.

What happened to all that federal money Santa Monica just received?Surely that money should support library facilities used by all residents of Santa Monica.

As a Santa Monica resident, who’s son typically went to the library after school a minimum of 2 days a week to use the study rooms in the children/teen section of the library, I am shocked and disappointed. Waiting for the library to open has been a huge part of our wishes to get back to a “normal life” routine. It is a place that the young learn to read. It is shortsighted to refuse to provide funding to fully reopen the Santa Monica Libraries. Many SMMUSD students use the library after school. This decision to underfund the libraries does not support the forum for outside learning many students need to do well in our schools. As Ms. Hadi states: “Santa Monica needs the libraries now more than promote literacy. Researchers predict the pandemic has already had a massive impact on child literacy.” I agree with Ms. Hadi and ask the City Council to fund the reopening of all Santa Monica libraries.

Colette O’Connell, Santa Monica