I appreciated the letter from Peter Harding comparing the recall efforts to QAnon and other right-wing conspiracies. The truth is, the SMMUSD recall campaign does have disturbing similarities to some of the most vile conspiracies we now see regularly on the national stage.

The most vocal supporters of the SMMUSD recall spend a lot of time on Facebook groups like Santa Monica Now. I would encourage anyone interested in learning more about the motivations of the recall supporters to spend some time in those groups. The discussions are unhinged. Innuendo, character assassinations, racism, and xenophobia are common. And although these are moderated pages, the moderators (including Councilmember Phil Brock and former Mayor Mike Feinstein) almost never intervene.

Toxicity is ruining national politics. If more responsible people do not speak up, that same toxicity will ruin politics here in Santa Monica also.

Michael Clarke, Santa Monica