Sirens filled Santa Monica’s downtown area Monday afternoon after a head-on collision just south of the California Incline shut down traffic in both directions on Pacific Coast Highway.

Santa Monica Police and Fire Department officials reported the collision around 1:48 p.m. Monday as traffic began to back up on the popular roadway. Onlookers from above the bluffs looked below and in the sky to try to ascertain what was the cause of the commotion while fire engines squeezed by cars to join the Santa Monica Police Department forensic trucks on-scene.

An immobile upholstery truck didn’t help the matter, but the road in both directions was completely clear of traffic less than a half-hour after the crash, which left plastic and glass all over the roadway, occurred.

SMPD officials cordoning the area said there were no deaths resulting from the traffic accident and those involved were transported to the hospital. Meanwhile, CalTrans encouraged drivers to avoid the area and divert to 4th street since the duration of the shutdown was still unknown later in the afternoon.