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The long-awaited after-action report on the May 31 riots has been completed by OIR Group, and it is expected to be discussed by Santa Monica City Council on Tuesday. 

The after-action report details and analyzes what exactly transpired on May 31, 2020, why, and how the Santa Monica Police Department can better respond to similar incidents in the future. 

The report uses firsthand accounts from residents, SMPD officers and others involved in the situation to paint a detailed picture of May 31, 2020.

“The Report contains a series of 44 recommendations, the last two of which are: The City should request that SMPD prepare a response to this report indicating the degree to which it accepts each of the recommendations made and setting out a plan for implementation, (and) The City should develop a plan for independent evaluation and public reporting on the status of SMPD’s implementation of the recommendations,” a recently released staff report states. It’s recommended that Council direct staff to comply with all of them.

The report became available to the public around 9:40 a.m Thursday. It can viewed in entirety at

Mayor Sue Himmelrich said in a statement Tuesday:

“OIR Group’s independent analysis of May 31, 2020 is an important milestone in providing the transparency and accountability the Santa Monica community deserves. We welcome the after-action report and remain steadfastly committed to learning from it. Going forward, the newly formed Public Safety Reform and Oversight Commission will play a role working with the Police Department to ensure OIR Group’s recommendations are implemented. The Council also looks forward to understanding the changes our Police Department has already made in response to the events of May 31, 2020, what recommendations remain, and how we can support our officers in our continued commitment to provide public safety for all.”

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